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You are interested in supporting your innovation endeavours with visuals? 

Happy to support you on this mission!


STARTUP MARIO - your visual inspiration platform to unleash your full potential


The rules for success have changed. New technologies appear in such a pace that it is hard to follow. Blockchain, IoT, industry 4.0... You want to learn about the possibilities of the trends, but you have no time to read about it nor to go to conferences. Books are already as old and not up to date anymore as they get published. Are you feeling lost on how to manage this challenge using tools and proven strategies from the past, which turn out to be not effective anymore? 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Organizing and supporting conferences for innovators around the world (innov8rs, NOAH, TOA, Lean Startup Summit), realizing that inspiration needs to be shared in a different & easy to consume way.


Creating new innovative products and services with real customer value will shape the world of tomorrow.  In a global and rapidly changing world, characterized by an uncertain and risky environment, new strategies need to be defined. The risk-averse mindset gets replaced by a pro-active approach to face uncertainty and explores hidden opportunities.

Visual communication has scientifically proven to have a beneficial effect on connecting the dots & memorizing information, which is essential in this fast-changing environment. 


Delivery of cutting-edge visual content taken & curated from conferences, workshops and speeches around the world tackling innovation topics, digital transformation, user-centred design... you name it! 

Starting first by a monthly inspiration delivered to your mailbox from e.g. April innov8rs conference in Paris. 


Innovation Conferences

Cutting-Edge Inspiration from Top Innovators, Speakers and Authors such as Alexander Osterwalder, Eric Ries, Ash Maurya etc. 

Innovation Workshops

Hands-on visual summaries of the key-learnings to be taken away e.g. Strategyzer Masterclass.